CESE missions : CESE is consulted about country projects and bills of law and congress délibérations which have an economical and social characteristics. He is seized by the president government for projects and by the president congress for bills of law. Besides, provinces assemblies, customary senate or government can consult CESE. The institution has a deadline of one month to give his opinion, returned to fifteen days in case of urgency. By his own initiative, CESE can réalise studies about subjects concerned by New Caledonia’s developpement.


CESE assure the representation of social professionnals : labor unions, employers, associations, customers and qualified people who contribute to the economical, social and cultural life.


CESE is represented in differents territorials or provincials organisations, particularly into : New Caledonia Institute of Skills Development, provincial Council of Housing Environment, South province Mission of Insertion of the Young people’s board of directors and general assembly, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Statistics of the Economic Studies Institute etc..